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Sitting in the senior lounge with my friends ^o^ It seems we all got accepted into college as of last night by getting the mail.


Uhh yeah XD we're all talking about what we're getting when we go into college

With my college, I get the same amount of ed. from 4 years of regular college squeezed into 16months <3

Well everyone else is going for the regular 4 year XPP


Nah I shouldn't gloat XD But this a wasted post so, blah!


Just got my mail

Yeah I know its late but I just got it, my mother told me to come into the kitchen and she handed me a piece of paper....

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Later today...

The senior card party was kinda odd but it doesnt matter anyway...

And since I cant think of any other way of expressing myself in this journal, heres one of my daily rants only its a convo with my Kisame Ann.

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annnnd yeah thats about it O_o;;; I wanna beg my mother for the extra few bucks so I can 'talk' with Val <3 <3 <3 XDD


Real quick update I have alot to do once Im done here.

I'm just about an hour early here only becuase I have alot of senior activities to do for Baumann-sensei. We're having a senior card party XD I can teach everyone to play a quick card game and maybe I can win some cash XD Kukukku.

But anyway, this morning I woke up to the sound of helicopters and a fire alarm, the weeds (or the afican plains as I cal them) just about got into a huge brush fire again. Oi god, the moment it hits warm weather every a-shole in my neighborhood sets the weeds on fire.

ARG! But that woke me up at 6 20, I was DEAD as a ZOMBIE XDDD


... I'm so going to kill you later Val! SERIOUSLY!

But anyway, so I half as-ed dressed myself AGAIN this week and went back to bed, I said to myself Id get up at 7 20...

But problem was, my clock is wrong when it said 7 20, it was really 7 40.

SH-T FU-K and D-MN!!!

I screamed for about 3 mins with my grandfather and then finally got to the train and JUST caught the train! OMG!

When I got to school, for some odd reason or another the girls line (for metal detector scanning) is always so long! and the boys line goes by SO quick its insane!

Oh no, wait I know the reasons


1) wear jewely that goes off
2) TRY and sneak in cellhpones
3) Dont take off their useless belts

and.. something else I just dont know what.

But anyway, I made it in time to Baumann-senseis room and other people where there, I sat down and just to cool off but then she came back with Joe and Stephon and goes "Oh Liz! I need you 2nd period for the school newspaper!"
"Uhh ok, but let me update LJ first"
"Nu internet access this early Liz"
"(insert Shikamaru's trademark word since I cant spell it)"
"Yes I am troublesome, Liz"

Heheh Baumann-sensei can speak Japanese XDDD

But yeah so thats why Im in the Libary right now and once Im done checking NGT and Notn I'm gone XD

Spy you later!


Here we go again...

Remember the last kid that commented me on my Chibi_Yaoi-ness web comic?

Well I just got another 'Picasso' who just went all techy with me...

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Early much?

I went to bed fairly decent but I was woken up at... are you ready? 6AM!!!!

I clearly told my grandfather that we where to leave at 7:30 and that I don't need to be woken up so early!

So I half a-sed dressed myself again this morning and went back to sleep for just about an hour which was good, I really needed it.

Problem was I caught the late train which equals to me sitting in the auditruim (or whatever) for an hour with the loser a-sholes...

Gah, I had cencering myself on the school computer, its really lame...

But thats basicly all I had to say for now, and I read your journal Giuli. THIS is how you do it.

WTF happened last night?! Naruto style - Now with more results! by swirling_chaos
favourite animal
you wake up next toIruka
whomoans about their headache
and tells you"I like beer."
then proceeds topull a beer out of nowhere and start drinking
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Ok? Alright, love you all byez!



Besides tha fact that the end of my day was a total wreck because of inhouse (detention for the rest of the world)... I was randomly looking around on Google and just for a joke I like to type in the names of random anime characters and see what pictures I get...

I type in 'Kisame' . . .



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Cabin Fever

After finally getting off the computer last night at around 11, I was just about to go to sleep when the movie Cabin Fever comes on.



I retold the movie to my friends this morning in the senior lounge and we where cracking up! XDD I had Stephon in stitches and Lena was joking around with me to make it a skit XDD

Lena: "Um excuse me, about the woods Im just about to go camping in? Did anything happen?"

Me: *Pretends to be an old white hic from some country farm* "Well, some folks say that-"

Lena: "-Upp! I dun think so! I dun wanna hear nuttin' about what the folks say! Cuz thats how all us dumb white college kids end up dying for no reason! GOOD BYE"

And just started to crack on that,
"Is there a well in your woods?"
"Well- some folks say"
"Nah! Time to find another wood to camp in!"

And we just went through the whole list of scary movies XD It was great!

Oh I got here early enough and gave Shatayja her sweater X3 She loved it! Only thing was I couldn't really do the bottle of rum on her sleave... It just wouldnt dry right so I leaf them blank.

...Yeah, and thats about all from my world- besides the fact that I wanna scare the hell out of Kurenai Hayley that Gai I'm pregnant and the kids are due soon! XD BWAHAHAHHAHAH!!

Orochimaru-sama wished me good luck and Iruka too! <33333333 Oh the luv!

It is no joke...

Alright, I was not a fan of male anime pregnancies but many many other people out there around the world are...

As some people know, I like to be a good crack dealer with all my might and while talking with Ann Kisame to work out alittle OD'ing crack for the Nin_Gen_Tai RPG... I brainstormed that Kisame and Gai should have love childern!

Just one problem.

They're both men... Hmm, huston we have a problem!

We at first thought it over and then relised that it sounds impossible to do! but then we looked back at the millions apon millions of rabid sick minded anime fans girls mostly that they draw it all the time and think nothing wrong with the idea.

But forgeting about those brain-dead girls for just a moment... You just know this question comes to mind.

How do you medically explain that?

How indeed... Well it seems that this fan girl topic that many people get discusted or bitch over is no joke...

It's true and coming to a hospital near you!


'Dear God,

By proving that we can make babies without the need of an 'Eve' we can finally change the bible name back to 'Steve'...


Ahh, I love being defiant. <3333333 And for all those homophobs out there?! BE WARNED XDDD MWAHAHAHAHA!

And now since I believe in the ways of science and not the ways of a church, I dub myself a Male Preg. fan girl!

Kulli! Help out the noob! XDDDDD

Personal Naruto pony checklist

ARG, had to repost it.

Alright, since all of these little bastards magicaly turned themselves into a personal project... Heres my checklist of the ones I've done so far and the ones I need to do...

Oh look, my fandom is in ABC order.Collapse )