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Friends Only.


Thats right! Doin' things the right way now, bitches!!

Every post before this is still open to the public, Iz don't care anymore
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Doctors and back

So I've been up since 3 am, since I slept all day yesterday and I got intouch with PromQueen Dumpsterbaby XD Hey chicky! We where passing eachother pictures X3 I drew her LeeGaara pony-ness and made her squee! Also showed her the oddles of Gai/Kisame smut I have doodled XDD She liked!

So when she went bye bye so did I! I took a quick shower and then off to the eye doctors... Bah, real quick though, my vision didnt get much wrose, for the most part it got better since I dont need my reading glasses anymore and my persription didnt get any stronger O_o;

Also, since we're not going anywhere for vacation my mother dished out the dollars for new lenses! XD I get the ones that change in the sunlight!! WOOT! HAWT-NESS!

Alright, so after that mess I got food for the snake and we headed home, as soon as we got home we noticed that my grandfather was gone... Ok, we didnt pay any mind... As soon as we got upstairs though, we found a note...


HE WENT TO ATLANTIC CITY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!!!! I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



O,o Yeah I'm done now...

Ehh I just finished watching the new foamy, it was alright- but he made a comment on TunderCats... The lord and master... got me ittle on the pissy side. Meh!

So, now theres nothing to do but maybe change this account to friends only. Since I cant seem to keep my horrible, big mouth shut in public website- I'm going to have to screen myself from the general LJ public. ~_~;;;;

Oh and Val? The reason why Im so cranky is the letter I just got from my HS, for some reason I didnt pass my math classes when it says right on the fucken report card that I DID!

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Hows this for a waste?

I slept all day yesterday, hows that?

First I fall asleep at 4 am yesterday wake up at 9 then go back to sleep at 2, wake up in the living room, then go into my room and sleep until 3am XDD MAN Im confused!

Umm... Yeah, looks like I have rival for Seasonal_Leaves ^^;;; Well after what I pulled in my last post, that person can have it.

Shit, they already jumped the gun and made an seperated LJ account already. Eh heh, some people KNOW how I get with 'jump the gun' people, don't you? *twitch*

Well, I have other news but I told afew people it already XD And as soon as I get an answer from Seasonal then I'll put it into action.


OH! My nightcrawler pants are ruined and I mean that. At first they where ok but now forget XDDD I'll hack them up later and make leg warms!






Anything else? OH YEAH! Speaking of flash movies! I need to watch Foamy! Havent seen that in awhile, not since 'Yesterday mail' which wasn't all that wonderful but aw well...

Hm, I wonder if 'Picasso' e-mailed me back... Should check that too.


Oh and I just found out (hours ago) that once I graudate from HS finally I have to start college Aug 29th, that means I get just about 2 months off rather then my normal almost 3...



*scampers off to change her Gai-sensei LJ background*


I just remembered I have to go to the eye doctors at 10 this morning ARG And I just cut my pants apart! I'll sow them later XDD

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4 am

No its not 4 am now but thats besides the point, I was UP until 4 am waiting for Val's download to finish...

It got up to 97% and it stoped!

But it doesnt matter because it works!! IM IN LOVE with this ep(Naruto 124)!!! ZOMG!

"GAI-SENSEI!! BOKUWA! BOKUWA!--- *passout* ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz"



Upp Orochimaru-jr is trying to escape his tank again -_-;; *taps the glass* BAD snakie!-

Well in other news I cleaned my room O_O Iz got so much space I never thought I owned! Oh and my D, Leon and Chris bamboo stalks are growing just great and are back in my room in another vase!! W00t!!

... I wonder where teh promqueen ewie person went O_o she answers my replys but isnt on AIM.

-o- Where are youz? I wanna chat chat with j00!

And thats it O_o Oh the waste of space!

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Pimpin' Gai

Fo' real son!

I just joined ANOTHER RPG and applyed for

who the fuck else?


I am seriously pimpin' and OWNIN' this guy XDDD 3 out of 4 RPGS I'm (or going to be) Gai! The only different one is Zabuza BUT Nikko from NinGenTai gave up her Gai post on Ninsofthenight, so Im going to ask her if I can have her name and spot XDDD WOO then it'll be 4 out of 4!


YOSH SHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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(no subject)

Gay or Not Gay?
by tashay17
LJ Name
Favorite Color
Gay or Not Gay?Bi-sexual
Quiz created with MemeGen!

O_o the quiz knows all!

A feel good quiz by cerulean_dreams
your name is...
your eyesare deep and mysterious
your hairis envied by many
your smileis striking
your bodyis voluptuous
your hugsmake others feel loved
your kissis mysterious
your loveis never wasted
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yes, actually that is all true! except for the body part of course <_<
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Colorbar post.

I have yet to learn how to make the codepublic but I actually prefer this becuase you MUST leave a comment in order to get the code for these colorbars.

April 23rd:
KisamexGai colorbar made and posted.

Edit: 8/8/05

TsunadexGai colorbar made and posted.

Edit: 8/14/05

Grabiod colorbar made and posted.

Edit: 10/24/05

GaiNeji or NejiGai (depending on what you like) colorbar made and posted.

Edit: 4/30/06

NejiGai colorbar deleted.

Edit: 9/1/06

WulfTsu colorbar made and posted for crack_no_jutsu

Edit: 10/23/06

Aku, Scottsman and Samurai Jack colorbar made for an old fandom coming back into play ;3~

Again, if anyone wishes to use these colorbars please comment for the codes x___x sorry for the trouble.
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Need Caffiinnee or something

I copulf be random ansd I cvoulf not be typinmg right becuawe im high off soemthing at the moe,mt.

Hi Val and anyone else XD

damn it not being random

Shit my buzz is going... going...going...going...

shit I think its gone.

Yeah, Im sober now.



(insert Darth Vader voice) *heavy breatheing* ... Lee. *HB* I am your father...



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Naruto! NUUU!!

Well I got my mic >o< I can talk to Lee now!!

HI VAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh since this post is once again pointless I want to try and make it not.

How true is that comic of VGCats?

NUUUU PWEASE 4KIDS!!! DONT KILL OUR NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sware if they fucked it up as much as they did One Piece?


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Greaseball Assassin &lt;3

Back in the lounge again.

Yeah XD Here I am again!

I just counted money for Baumann-sensei which I shouldn't be trusted with but Iz nice today!

OI! After looking at (since I cant read japanese) chapter 257? OMG Iz FILLED WITH LUVU!!

LUVU = What Lee says to Sakura when they first meet



Man, its alittle too quite in here now O_o;;; Baumann-sensei's 7th period class just left and now its down to about 3 of us O,O;;;; Iz forgot the name of the other girl but shes uber nice ^^;;;

Iz wont be home later, or at least not too early- I'm going to my friend Giuliana's house right after school to copy Naruto epps on tape for her >o<

Aw man, if we had high speed connections? We'd be downloading the eps off the sites like crazy and selling them to retards at school since they have no idea how to do any of that MWAHAHAHAH

*everyone watches some weird guy go by in a boat on the bay talking to himself*

"Is he talking to himself...?"
*screams out window to retard* "STFU BIZ NIT!!!"
"Wha?! He was asking for it!"

Yeah, our school is on a bay and I mean that I mean... SHIT! Im looking out the window? and I SEE water! I mean O_o if I jump out the window and jump over the jetty? ID BE SWIMING XDDDDDD

*Everyone watches some freshman girls run down the jetty to escape school*

"Wha?! They have to!"

Yeah, Im just getting yelled at left and right today aren't I? ^o^;;; Aw well O_o;;; Oh and ummm Gai and Kisame babies... I wanna make the due date today- but what do you think? 20th of april? Think their zodiac sgins will match their personality?


Bah I'll work it out when I get home!... And now I'm bored...



"Baumann-sensei! Can I play Micheal Jackson, Thriller?"
"Sure, go ahead... Why though?"


*Breaks into song and dance*


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