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My name is Liz, or in this case, ConfusedKain, which is the pen-name I created for myself back in 2002. I find that the name suits me on many levels of fandom as well as my personal being.

When I first came back to the internet after a almost 4 year period without, I was QUITE the n00b at everything. Slowly but surely I made my way around with the ups and downs of friends, many of whom I am still very friendly with. That was back in October of 03, I did not make a LJ account until December of the same year...

At first my prime fandom was Legacy of Kain, hence my name but as the internet allowed me to find other things as well as past animes I moved on with fandoms as well as expand my artist talent. Oh, I forgot to mention that didn't I? Yes, I draw as a hobby.

Lastly, I'd like to point out some things about me:

-I am very sarcastic but can be quite serious when it comes to pressing matters and work.
-I tend to stick to one thing at a time, if I jump around I lose interest quickly.
-When it comes to music I'll listen to whoever and whatever but only one song at a time, I'm not an album person anymore.
-I know two languages, good English and bad English!
-I never seem to care about things anymore, such as deaths in the media.
-I am the personal believer that humans bring such things (above) onto themselves.
-The government is a myth in my minds-eye.
-My religion is (George) Carlinism.

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-I'm one of those kinda people who wear those quirky black t-shirts with white text.
-Video Games are my number one pass time, my second is spending time with my pets, third is drawing or reading.
-I draw fan art to attract business to my freelance work, grease paint window art, key chains, illustrations, the works..
-I am obsessed with my pets like a mother would over their children.
-I hate Sundays.
-I'm not racist, I hate everyone.</center>

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Werewolves Are Bestial Love.

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I love my ChowChow

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I love my Rat

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Aku is the deliverer of darkness, the shogun of sorrow love

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Whales are tranquil love.

Updated Jan of 2015. It's been a long ride so lets keep going even with all the changes and heart breaks along the way.
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